Lulaa® Tint Brow Pen
Lulaa® Tint Brow Pen
Lulaa® Tint Brow Pen
Lulaa® Tint Brow Pen

Lulaa® Tint Brow Pen

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Like your real brows, strand by strand filling them. Our unique 4-tip applicator allows creating more hair-like natural brows.

Waterproof and smudge-proof

Tattoo feeling of super durable, long-wearing

Available in 6 colors:




Dark Brown

Ash Black


Lulaa® Tint Brow Pen

We Glow That Brow!


(LIMITED to the FIRST 10 People)

Delivered within 8 business days or full refund


The #1 Selling Microblade Pen on the Market 

Lulaa® Tint Pen has transformed over 500,000 eyebrows 

Lulaa® Tint Pen has transformed over 500,000 eyebrows without painful microblading or damaging dyes. This pen is great for thinning eyebrows, covering scars and unleashing the beauty and natural color of your brows.



Our pen is designed to have a very small learning curve. You don't have to be a makeup expert to get perfect brows. Just stroke the fork tip on your eyebrows and watch the magic happen.


Our unique formula lasts 24 hours and is water & smudge proof.


Lulaa® Tint Pen can be easily removed with regular makeup wipes.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

Q1. If you sweat, does it come off? Im looking for something that is waterproof, and stays on for a couple of days.

  • It has more staying power as well as being waterproof, and it lasts more than a day

Q2. Will it last all day without fading? Does it smudge easily?

  • Firstly, we carried out our own makeup experiment and found that the eyebrow pencil is easy to color, easy to use. Secondly, the eyebrow pen can keep lasting makeup and it is not easy to remove. Finally, eyebrow brushes don't spray ink, so the eyebrow line is very smooth, and brush has four small broom heads, so the drawn lines are smooth. When you pencil it on your brows and use the spoolie to brush it out, you have to use a light hand since the spoolie will pick up the color easily.

Q3. Can this pen make strokes that are thin enough to look like individual eyebrow hair? I don't want something that is blunt like a pencil.

  • This eyebrow pen‘s brush has four-tip, it could make your eyebrow line drew thin strokes and looks more natural

Q4. How often do you have to replace the filter?

  • It depends on the mist and use times, if you use it everyday and add oils in the bottle, when the diffuser didn't have mist, you can try to clean the diffuser and replace a new filter wicks.

Q5. Can I use this product if I don't have eyebrow hair?

  • Yes. The fork end of the eyebrow pen would help it look more natural than just a pained on look. I would think it would take a little practice but once you figured it out I believe you’ll like it. It stays on nice once it’s on

Total Reviews : 14.308 reviews

Lulaa has made getting ready so much easier for me!! And I don't have to touch up my brows throughout the day now that I have this product. Would recommend to everybody!!


I am never microblading again. Lulaa gives the same effect without having to spend hundreds or feel any pain. Truly Brilliant!!

Anila S.

I absolutely love this product! The forked tip is perfect for filling in brows and keeping the real look of your brow instead of looking like it’s caked or not natural. Definitely recommend! I used dark brown in this pic (:

Chasity O.

I have never used an eyebrow pencil of any type. My brows have always been thin and not very dark. I love this product!! Stays on well, adds just enough color and doesn't look fake!

Holly J.

Works AMAZING! Not sure how i've been surviving without this all my life...

Sky J.

This is my all time new favorite eye-brow product. The game has changed forever ladies!!


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