Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer
Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer
Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer
Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer
Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer
Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer
Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer

Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer

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1. High temperature germicidal, deodorization, dry and comfortable, feet care.
2. Low power 10W, economical and practical.
3. Use for home travel, exquisite and small, expansion and folding, easy to carry.
4. With PTC heating, the constant temperature is safer.
5. Suitable for leather shoes, cloth shoes, cotton shoes, etc.

Plug specification: US Plug
Voltage: 220V-50Hz
Power: 10W
Use temperature: 65-80°C
Materials: plastic +metal

Electric Shoes Dryer and Sterilizer


(LIMITED to the FIRST 10 People)

Delivered within 8 business days or full refund


Dry and Sterilize Your Footwear

True ultraviolet rays can effectively kill pathogens in shoes, viruses and fungi.

Ozone diffuses into every corner of the shoe, so that the UVC can not be adequately irradiated.

After deodorizing, drying and sterilizing, it can effectively remove residual odor in shoes.

Heat is released from the hot cathode ultraviolet lamp when it is working.

It can heat the shoe at constant temperature, and achieve certain drying and warming effect from brick carving.

Green, environmental protection, fast and efficient: pure physical sterilization method will not cause two pollution.

Long life and easy maintenance


Rated voltage: 220V-50HZ

Rated power: |10W

Plug: two pin plug

Product size: 16.5cm*5.5cm

Length of wire: 110cm

Suitable place: household

Product functions: wet, dry, warm shoes

Color: blue


smooth finishing touch, resistant to high temperatures and compressed to make sure the cabinet is not easily breakable!


Protecting your shoes from humidity! Your feet have never felt this comfortable before!


Removes moisture inside the shoe and with violet lamp sterilization device eliminates the growth of bacteria

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

Q1. Does it have enough temperature to dry my shoes?

  • Working temperature about 160℉ , good choice for most of shoes/boots.

Q2. Does these can dry my shoes in a short time?

  • Whether you can dry shoes in a short time depends on many factors. For example, the degree of your shoes wet, the thickness of the shoes and so on. Our products may not dry your shoes so fast, but you can use our products before going to bed at night and wait until your shoes are dry the next morning.

Q3. Will it work on ski boots?

  • Yes, it can do the job

Q4. Does this dryer have an auto shut-off or a timer to shut the unit down?

  • No, plug it and then works began. But it can continue working without guarding.

Q5. I need something drying of my child's shoes. Is suitable?

  • It's normal size dryer. length 6.4 inch, You can use that as a reference.

Total Reviews : 14.308 reviews

This will take care of stinky cleats. No kidding. Every pair we have had for him has stayed in the garage after practice, because they smell like cat pee. You know what I am talking about. Those scented sneaker balls, sprays, inserts, cat litter, tea bags, powder etc....... NOTHING worked as well as this does. They get dried out after every time he uses them. He sprinkles a little bit of the blue bottle gold bond powder in each sock before he puts them on and BOOM. No more thinking that something died in the back of the van when he takes his cleats off after practice. He has been practicing 4 to 5 times a week and plays 2 - 3 games each weekend for the last 2 months. And he uses the same cleats all week, it got really bad, almost bought a new pair of cleats at one point. And they don't smell anywhere near at all like they did before we got this foot dryer. I would highly recommend these to ANY youth sports player. A lot the parents on his soccer teams have already bought this and they are very pleased.

Peter Joel

Bought two pairs of these for a winter trip to Iceland and they were perfect. I was skeptical based on the negative reviews and the absence of a fan mechanism, but if you give them 6-8 hours the passive heat will dry and warm your boots nicely. Made it so we only needed to bring one pair of boots. Didn't require a converter in Iceland--just the socket adapter.


This is something I never thought I’d try, but after using it for several days now I absolutely love it. I work hard and play hard. I sweat and my shoes stink from sweating so much. What I love most about this device is not only does it dry my shoes but it also removes odor too! I do spinning classes a few times a week and when I do my shoes get wet from sweating through my workouts. To test this device out I did the smell test and asked my husband to smell my shoes. It was aweful, but after leaving the boot dryer in my shoes overnight I could definitely tell a difference. The smell was barely...and I mean barely noticeable. By using this device on my new shoes regularly they haven’t even begun to smell at all. I feel this is a game changer for many. It is so easy to use. Just put it in your shoe and expand it until it’s a good fit then plug it in. It’s that simple. I am even considering getting another one for my husband for Christmas. He works in construction outdoors and indoors. I’m sure this would make a great gift for those who are hard to shop for.

John Oswald

Been using this dryer for about two years now and it does an excellent job of keeping my shoes dry, and has most certainly extended their life as a result. I believe this is a must-have for anyone with shoes (anyone here?...) who desires to keep their shoes nice and dry (and smell-free), with the added bonus of putting on toasty warm shoes on a frigid winter morning. This also works great to dry other items such as gloves, hats, and even the occasional lunch bag after the wash. It uses a minimal amount of electricity and is completely silent (zero moving parts - unless you count the electrons...), and is quite sturdy.

Joshua Pearl

I work in the Oilfiled so sometimes I spend time out of town. When I am out of town I stay in hotels and I needed to keep my boots dry at least on the inside for the next day. I didn’t want to try and carry around one of those large standing boot dryers so when I came across these I had talked to people who used similar products before. So I bought them carried them to the hotel homes and they worked great I only need the one pair of boots I was wearing because this dryer thing had them ready for me when I got up for work the next day!

Sherry Hartford

I bought this product and am very pleased with it. I primarily use it to dry out my golf shoes as they get a lot of moisture when you have an early tee time and the ground is still damp with morning dew. They work fast and are light and easy to travel with and use. Since then, my son has used them to dry out his sports shoes after a long practice and loves them also. I would buy these again!


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