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The perfect gift for Christmas, use your own felt tree kit to make your kids happy at Christmas!

The tapered Christmas tree can train children's ability to control, imagination and creativity during the game.

Tall: 27.5 inches, easy to move, stable, eliminating the need to drill holes.

No bad smell, made of 3 mm thick felt material, cute Christmas gift for your children to play

DIY felt Christmas tree is a folding package that can be opened to make the tree perfect when it arrives.

Includes: 1 piece of 3D felt Christmas tree + 18 pieces of decorations such as stars, gingerbread man, Christmas snowflake, Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer, etc.

Alternative Christmas Trees for Toddlers!

Our brilliant toddler-friendly Christmas trees will distract your little ones from playing with the real tree!

Closer Parent-child Relationship!

Also for the whole family to ring in the holiday season with this sweet addition to your home. Or for a Christmas morning surprise.

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

Q1. What does the interior of the tree look like? How does it stand up on its own? Is it sturdy or will my toddler be constantly knocking it over?

  • The interior of the tree is hollow, as it is made of a heavy duty piece of felt that curves and attaches to itself at the seam. It stands on its own due to the shape, and it is actually pretty sturdy. If a toddler doesn't fall on it, it stands up quite well. My two did just fine, although the almost 2 year old wasn't super interested, and had some trouble hanging the ornaments on. The 3 year old did very well, however. With normal use, though, you don't need to worry about it being constantly knocked over.

Q2. Nothing to hang ornaments on velcro tree?

  • Yes. It has a place to hang the ornaments. They placed little puff balls around the tree sporadically which look like Christmas balls. The ornaments can hang from those. Most of the time the ornaments self stick to the felt however.

Q3. How tall is this?

  • About 3 feet.

Q4. Is the tree put together or do I have to make it?

  • All you have to do is hang the ornaments. The red balls are already attached and the felt is already cut to shape.

Q5. What is the age recommendation for this product?

  • I got it for my 2 year old and 5 year old. They both play with it and love it. It was a good buy.

Total Reviews : 14.308 reviews

This tree is perfect for a toddler. The felt is sturdy. Tree stands up great. All ornaments were in a separate bag, ready to put on the tree. I have had no issues with the tree. Very satisfied. 

Melissa J. Prentiss

I ordered this 3D felt Christmas tree for my soon to be 5yr old. She was extremely happy to have her very own tree. She got started decorating it right away and was surprisingly entertained by it for quite a while. She took her time and made sure each Christmas ornament was placed in the perfect spot. I thought that’d be the end of it. Nope! It’s been more than a week and that little tree get redecorated every day, sometimes a few times a day. I thought she’d get bored with it quickly but it has been lots of fun. 

Donna lambert

Vino todo doblado en el empaque, por lo que al principio no agarraba la forma de cono, pero luego de unos días de haber extendido la tela y quitarle los dobleces, logré ponerlo! Quedó hermoso y mi bebé disfrutó armarlo! 

Holly Lowell 

Product arrived on time. Looks like the pictures, like alot 

Kathleen Donahue 

Absolutely adorable!! Bought this for my 11 month old, & she loves it!!! Everyone commenting saying that you can’t get the creases out.. all u have to do is sit it up a day or 2 before u decorate it. Once it’s up for about a day, it’s fine. Wish I would’ve found this when my other 2 were younger. LOVE IT!!! 

Lessa B. 

This Christmas tree for toddler is very cute,my son really enjoy decorating his first Christmas tree. 

Lauren Xavier 

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