Multiuse Handy Caddy Sliding Tray, ABS Base Smooth Rolling Wheels Stand, 12 inches in Black + Bonus 4 e-book

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Our 12 inch coffee trays is guaranteed to ease up your burdens by holding out all types of kitchen appliances up to about 25 lbs. This countertop tray will do its job without trouble, fitting nicely under your kitchen cabinets and on countertops!

Here is what our customers say about our handy caddy, “After done brewing, with the handy caddy, it is a simple glide back into place”, “This works so great with my Keurig coffee maker”, and “Great price, fast shipping, just what I was looking for”.

Made of durable and BPA free ABS material, our kitchen counter tray is sturdy and effortless to use. Simply slide out when you need the slab and slide it back when not needed! Not only easy to wash, our appliance slider is dishwasher safe as well.

We also have a team prepared to answer your questions regarding our appliance slide. Just call and contact one of our expert colleagues. If it does not make your kitchen problems slide away, feel free to return this appliance caddy and get your cash back!

Our coffee maker slider also comes with a FREE cleaning guide eBook “75 Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips for Every Clean Freaks” that will be sent to your email. Hurry and grab your coffee pot stand now while stocks last!.

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We researched and wrote this book for two simple reasons: 1) to serve as an idea-starter to help you  consider a lot of ideas regarding what to drink with what you eat; and 2) to guide you to make even  better choices when selecting a beverage, so that you have the potential to enjoy a peak experience  every time!

Coffee has long been the drink of choice for those looking for a power up just about anywhere. Coffee practically keeps business class ad those with a hectic schedule going. I certainly understand how important coffee is when you need  that burst of energy. Nothing beats a hot cup of Joe early in the morning to  start your day right. But not all of us like our coffee hot but that’s the beauty  of coffee you can have it hot or cold. Just grab an iced coffee drink and get just as much a burst as from warm coffee.

Once you have tried the recipes included here, you will probably want to experiment on your own with different ingredients, depending on your own tastes. You may even come up with a few new gourmet coffee drinks!

Meet your new best friend in the kitchen, Kitchen Hacks. You won’t ever cook without it by your side! To maximize learning, approach these ideas with the eagerness of a newbie and the willingness to try new things.
Instantly improve your skills in the kitchen, regardless of your experience, and prepare to better yourself with an open mind. Now let’s have fun, make great food, and get started!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can you put this in the fridge and use as a pull out tray?
A: You could, but when pulled out the top part will still need support from a shelf. It just sits on the bottom part.

Q: ur coffeemaker is 12" wide (has a place for a single cup on one side, thus the extra inches). Would this fit? Is there a wider version?
A: The caddy is about 8 and 1/2 inches wide. You could probably get two of them and make it work.

Q: Will this slide out on a tiled counter top?
A: The top slides not the bottom so it should slide fine on a tiled countertop.

Q: When the slide is fully extended, what is the total length?
A:  The Rolling Appliance Caddy slides appliances out from under the cabinet for easier use The Rolling Appliance Caddy has large wheels to roll your appliance forward and back with little effort. Measuring 9"W x 1"H when closed, this sliding caddy extends from 12" to 21" long so it works in hard-to-reach places. This sliding caddy saves your countertop from being scraped by appliances being dragged forward.

Q: What is the maximum weight of the appliance this can hold? Can it hold a 30 lb espresso maker?
A: The box says 25 pound weight limit.


This is my second Handy Caddy. I use one under my mixer and the other under the coffee pot. The Handy Caddy does its job. Both appliances roll forward easily on the Handy Caddy. I have had one for over a year or so which indicates to me that the Handy Caddy is quite durable over a period of time.


I am impressed with this simple yet durable sliding tray. It is the perfect size for my mixer which I desperately needed. It can bear the weight of my kitchen aid and still slide out with ease. It comes in two pieces and is easy to use and clean. It is more durable than other models I have tried in the past. Highly recommend!


Its perfect easy to slide I got cusinsart coffee maker dcc3200 and it fit just right I loved it you won't regret purchasing this

Jay & Liz

As dad used to say, this is the best thing since sliced bread! My new coffee maker was a bit taller than my old one, and put out a serious amount of steam, which was bad both for my cabinet and the undercounter light. Enter this handy gadget and problem solved! It works perfectly and is slim, so it doesn’t add a lot of extra height.

N. Garris

Clever idea. Cant believe there is basically only one on the market. Allows us to slide out our coffee maker to fill. Just what we needed. Can't see it holding a lot of weight, and it is just big enough for our standard sized coffee maker. It could stand to slide out about another inch, as we cant keep it against the wall and get the back of the coffee maker open, but this wont be the case for everyone. Great initial impression. Wish it had detents for holding it it back, as pulling the coffee pot out sometimes causes the whole unit to slide out.

Catherine F

This is my 4th! I have given them as gifts and have never heard a complaint, put your appliance (coffee machine, etc.) on it. When you’re not using the machine, it’s back out of your way. When you need it, just slide it out on the caddy! EASY

Jean-Philipe R