Flying Flower Fairy Doll - Flying Princess Fairy Drone Doll with Infrared Induction Control - Xmas & New Year Gift for Kids

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Flying fairy toys for girls doll best hot hottest Christmas 2019 gift 6 year old girl kids 4 yr 5 7 8 age drones Remote Control Fairies Magical Children RC birthday present for 3-4-5-7-8-9 ages children, festival and suitable for any of festival's gift to kids. You and your kids would have so much fun with this flying fairy doll.

★ HOTTEST CHRISTMAS 2019 GIFT For KIDS: Flying fairy toys for girls is a best Christmas gift for 6 year old girl kids or teenagers birthday present for 3-4-5-7-8-9 ages children, festivaland suitable for any of festival's gift to kids. You and your kids would have so much fun with this flying fairy doll.

AMAZING MAGICAL CONTROL: Advanced LED infrared sensor technology, inductive suspension and collision protection. The built-in gyroscope can control accuracy and sensitivity to make balance. You can put your hand underneath to control it in the air for interactive play. When the doll is in the air, you can press the button on the remote control to decide turning on or off. Therefore, put their hands at the bottom of the fairies, you can enjoy the wonderful magic shows so with the action of her

CHARGING WITH USB: We send the New generation USB cable to you(Different other flying fairy USB cord). Place cable in nest to easily charge flying fairy with the built-in USB cord. You can charge it with the USB cable as you like. And We send spare flying fairy wing in 4 pcs.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Flying Fairy doll ×1--- USB charging cable ×1--- Remote control ×1--- Spare wing x4 --- Christmas Gift Random Mini Squishes x5

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I had to take this out of the box and try it. My granddaughter is going to have so much fun with this. A princess that flies just like the toys her brother loves 

Megan M. DeMeo

My niece recently watched a video online of a girl playing with a doll similar to this and she really wanted one for her 7th birthday. I looked locally but didn't see any quite like this. So I ordered this one from Amazon and luckily it was Prime and arrived just before her birthday. Her mom loved that she won't have to buy batteries for it because it is rechargeable and came with the cable to charge it. This was one of my niece's favorite gifts. Two of her friends from school said they wanted one too so my sister-in-law got the link from me for when their birthdays come around. I highly recommend this doll! 


Myself and the kids had fun with this toy, my nephew loved it because it flew. It doesn't take long to charge, and it came with extra wing pieces in case some broke! I love the little "remote/clicker" to turn it on and off, in case it starts to fly too far off, you can turn it off so that it'll stop. it also has blinking lights makes it really cool in the dark. It comes with 5 little squishies my smaller neice just looooved!!


Bought for my friends little girl for her birthday. It works great and the best part is not having to replace batteries l! I was worried it wouldn’t let her control it well but it really does! 

Heather L Caldwell

Absolutely adorable!! Bought this for my 11 month old, & she loves it!!! Everyone commenting saying that you can’t get the creases out.. all u have to do is sit it up a day or 2 before u decorate it. Once it’s up for about a day, it’s fine. Wish I would’ve found this when my other 2 were younger. LOVE IT!!! 

Lessa B. 

Works great so far. Lots of fun flying it. My niece loves it. 


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