The Key To Create An Enjoyable Environment In The Kitchen

 I’m a self-proclaimed heavy coffee drinker. Like my brain starts to function well when I sip caffeine first in the morning. Sometimes, I might go overboard and take more than one cup of coffee each day. That proves how much my life depends on caffeine. So, recently, after I got my expenses tracked, 40% of them goes to my favorite coffee shop in town (Thanks to me, now their business is growing). I started to realize that it’s better if I can make my own coffee. So, I brought home a new coffee maker machine for $80. The accident happened when I tried to get the machine out of the corner. It was heavy and I couldn’t bear it. That was the time when I ended up breaking it.

I think it’s been everybody’s problem when you try to move heavy objects in the kitchen. Additionally, when you are a coffee drinker like me, who constantly makes it with a coffee machine. Did you know that the smoke from the machine will slowly damage your upper cabinets? You don’t want it to happen, right?

Sometimes innovation comes in, and because that's so simple but brilliant, you wonder why you never thought of it. This is it. Our 12-inch coffee trays ensure to ease up your burdens by holding out all types of kitchen appliances up to about 25 lbs. This compartment is easily connected to your kitchen cabinets and countertops, without any difficulties!

The kitchen counter tray, made of sturdy and BPA free ABS material, is strong and easy to use. Just slide out if you need a tray and slide it back if you don't need it! Not only easy to wash, but our appliance slider is also dishwasher safe as well.

As our customers said, they are super satisfied with our product. Glaski from Amazon said, “This is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you tried it! We recently purchased a new coffee maker (Cuisinart DDC-3200) and we were having difficulty sliding it out from under the cabinet to fill. The coffee maker has rubber feet that were marking up our countertop and preventing it from sliding easily. We came to Amazon looking for a solution, and to be honest, didn’t know a product like this even existed. We decided to give it a try and it has completely changed the coffee-making experience. This product was worth every penny and I can’t tell you how many people we’ve already recommended it to. Two thumbs up on this one!”

The same thing was said by Jamie, “I am impressed with this simple yet durable sliding tray. It is the perfect size for my mixer which I desperately needed. It can bear the weight of my kitchen aid and still slide out with ease. It comes in two pieces and is easy to use and clean. It is more durable than other models I have tried in the past. Highly recommended!”

Only for $12.99, you’ll get what you deserve. It allows It permits the whole coffee machine to sit right top and easily move forward to use it, then move back into the corner when you're set. It is also quite long-lasting over a period of time.

Our slider is also equipped with a cleaning guide eBook "75 Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips for Every Clean Freaks", which will be forwarded to your email for FREE. Hurry and pick your coffee pot stand while stocks are up!