Blue Moon Iced Coffee Blonde: When Beer Met Coffee

Blue Moon is perhaps best-known for its Belgian wheat ale, but recently, the Denver-based brewery has announced that it would add a new beer to its lineup, and this is on a trend in 2019.

It just went ahead and bite into one of your favorite beers. It's proving there is really nothing the coffee doesn't match. Blue Moon Iced Coffee Blonde just hit national shelves, which allows us to get anything we love and to make it coffee. Basically, the Blue Moon and Starbucks had a baby and all of your autumn things are here just in time.

As Food & Wine stated, Blue Moons fresh coffee beer is defined as "a balanced blonde beer with a touch of honey and an excellent coffee flavors brushed with fair-trade coffee beans."

Completing the variety pack, this flavor will initially be available in is Blue Moon Mango Wheat, which is a "refreshing beer with ripe mango flavor and biscuit malt sweetness" that pairs well with "shrimp or chicken with mango salsa, curry, French vanilla ice cream," per Blue Moon's website. It would seem that the share is definitely intended for this optimal transition in summer to a fall with the Mango Wheat and its light flavors for the summer, and Iced Coffee Blonde for those of us, which are already elbows deep inside Pumpkin Spice Land.

Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat will be back this year too, "with a pumpkin and the right quantity of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice," this variety is best combined with "beef and seasonal soups," according to Blu Moon. That said, all the pumpkin desserts also match well.

Want to try one? Iced coffee beers have already started to roll out into 6 packs of the Blue Moon variety, and starting in November, a packet of six ice-coffee blonds will be available wherever Blue Moon is sold.