A Brand New Sport Bar With Massive TV in Boston

A brand-new Boston sports bar featuring TopGolf and a massive “Dream Screen” television billed as the biggest in-restaurant LED TV on the East Coast is officially open for business.

Banners Kitchen & Tap opens its doors to the public on Tuesday at 4 p.m., getting a head start on the vast majority of the businesses opening at the new Hub on Causeway later this year.

With its close proximity to TD Garden and an enviable collection of TVs, the 25,000-square foot bar and restaurant from Patina Restaurant Group looks to become a go-to spot for Boston sports fans.

“We wanted to create an environment that’s fun, high energy, and engaging, but with thoughtful choices that make it appealing to neighborhood residents, commuters, families, and both sports fans and non-sports fans alike,” Don Bailey, director of operations for Patina Restaurant Group in Boston, said in a press release.

“It would have been easy to make Banners a standard sports bar — we have the location and audience where that would be a great success — but every choice we made in this process was done to simultaneously pay homage to the ground where we are built, while also raising expectations for the guest experience.”

Guests can satisfy their game-day hunger with “elevated tavern fare” like the Fat Rooster fried chicken sandwich, the New England IPA-battered fish & chips, or the Double Stack burger.

In the coming months, guests will also be able to order from a four-day brunch menu not available at launch.

The bar program, designed by Jackson Cannon (Eastern Standard, The Hawthorne, Island Creek Oyster Bar), will feature 60 draft beers, a number of draft cocktails, and large-format drinks for big viewing groups.

Setting food and drink aside, the main attraction is the bar’s “Dream Screen,” a 39.5-foot diagonal LED television that Banners claims are the largest on-screen sports viewing the experience in the city of Boston, as well as the biggest in-restaurant,  LED TV screen on the East Coast.

Throughout the multilevel property, fans can also check out 13 additional “TV tickers” screens and five “banners” with live game scores and stats, for those tracking multiple games or concerned about their fantasy football team.

Banners will also be the first bar in Boston to offer TopGolf Swing Suites, a virtual golfing experience now available in 27 states.

Beyond golf, each of the three bays will also offer guests virtual takes on hockey, football, baseball, zombie dodgeball, and carnival game simulations.

The suites can accommodate eight guests and can be reserved in one-hour increments on the Banners website.

If you are not living in Boston, and have the urge to experience it, you can set your home into a sports bar.

Just turn on your tv at the fullest volume and make your own meal and drink.

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