5 Killer Tips To Make Yourself The Best Cup of Coffee (Without Being Hurried)

1. Store your beans properly (A mason jar for the win).
2. If you’re buying bags of pre-ground coffee, you’ve been doing it wrong. Buy fresh, whole bean instead.
3. Pre-infuse your ground. 
4. Brew at the right temperature. Specifically between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
5. Measure coffee by weight instead of volume. Ideally, 7.5g coffee to 150ml water makes a strong flavor of the coffee.

“Are you drinking again this morning? It looks like you’re trashing your kitchen,” says my neighbors when they come over.

Truth is, I’m just done brewing your coffee but because of the limited space I have, my kitchen seems like a complete mess. I always thought it was normal to “trash” my kitchen when I need to make a coffee and indeed it wasn’t reasonable. Why I should make it complicated when it can be... effortless?

Efficiency is the freaking key. Shout out to “Handy Caddy” which entirely changed my perspective towards making a cup of coffee.

This product is the chosen one from Amazon. It has more than 500 reviews and rated 4.6 out of 5.

For my entire life, I’ve been suffering through lifting the weight of coffee machine every day and probably took my time to drag the coffee machine out under cabinet each morning. I wish I had a bigger space but money is always an issue. So, what I did was pairing my coffee machine with Multiuse Handy Caddy Sliding Tray. It’s the real game-changer. Effortlessly slide out the coffee machine and push it back when you’re done. Plus, it indirectly restricts the steam from the machine to harm cabinets.

Imagine, have to delay all your activities due to coffee machine’s problem. This product truly saves me time and energy. I don’t have to move it too often since it only needs to slide and glide it back when I’m done using it.

This product is the chosen one from Amazon. It has more than 500 reviews and rated 4.6 out of 5.

Handy Caddy is one of many products that I don’t want to return. My coffee-making experience never goes wrong anymore.

It is worth only $17.95 and comes with sturdy material. Moreover, it’s durable even though it holds appliances up to 25 lbs.

If you crave an inconvenient life forever, it seems like you don’t really need it but is it wrong to make your life a little more comfortable?

If you’re seeking an incomplex way to enjoy your morning routine then you’re game!

Try Handy Caddy! I’m sure you’ll love it!

With Handy Caddy, I become more efficient in making coffee. Saves me time, saves my energy and also saves some space for my limited countertops. Occasionally, the top lid of my coffee machine hit the cabinet, and I need to move my coffee machine but my lazy ass won’t let me do it. Now that I’m using Handy Caddy, I just need to do it with one finger to pull it out.

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