5 Brilliant Hacks That Will Save You Time In The Kitchen

Even though my blog isn’t food-focused, I’ve certainly shared a lot of kitchen tips over the years! I love finding and sharing information that helps make daily life easier. And for many of us, our daily lives involve quite a bit of time spent in the kitchen! And in my experience, having a tip or trick up my sleeve that can save me a little bit of time or effort in the kitchen can be hugely rewarding. I’ve posted many of my favorite time-saving kitchen tips here on my blog, including how to shred chicken in seconds, how to soften butter quickly, and how to craft the perfect cinnamon roll.

No matter whether you’re crafting a gourmet meal, or just trying to get dinner on the table, we could all use a little help in the kitchen! And I think I’ve got just the post to help. Today I’ll be sharing 13 quick and easy hacks that are sure to save you time in the kitchen! From saving salty soups to wrapping up leftovers, these tips will help you save time and energy (and maybe most importantly, stress!) on many different cooking and baking tasks.

1. Save Salty Soup

Ever been a bit too heavy-handed with your seasonings when making soup? Salt can make the difference between a bland soup and a delicious one, but too much salt can be very unpleasant! To rescue a salty soup, drop a peeled potato into the pot. The potato will help absorb some of the excess salt and save your soup!

2. Ice-Free Ice Cream

Having an icy crust form on the surface of your ice cream can make it unpleasant to eat. But it’s easy to prevent that icy layer from forming in the first place! When you’re ready to put your ice cream away, press a piece of wax paper into the surface of the ice cream before replacing the lid. This will help keep your ice cream ice-free!

3. Keep Cake From Sticking

Use a damp towel to ensure your freshly baked cake doesn’t stick to the pan. After taking the pan out of the oven, set it on the damp towel to cool for a few minutes. Then turn the pan out onto a plate, and the cake should slide right out! This works for ceramic and metal baking dishes only – not for glass!

4. Simplify Plastic Wrap

Sick of fighting with tangled plastic wrap? Just store the roll in your fridge instead! Chilled plastic wrap is much easier to handle than room temperature wrap. You’ll save yourself so much time and frustration with this tip!

5. Fish Out Fat

Here’s a great tip for getting rid of excess fat and oil from sauces, stocks, stews, and soups. Wrap a few ice cubes in a paper towel, then skim them across the top of your soup. The ice cubes will encourage excess fat to solidify, making it much easier to scoop out and discard!

How do you save yourself time and effort in the kitchen?